Мар 23

Euro Games Technology is awaiting its first participation at the Fer-Interazar show in Madrid on 28-30 March, 2017.>>

Мар 17

In March 2017 Euro Games Technology celebrated its 15th anniversary. The company has become one of the fastest growing participants in the gaming industry, having 1300 employees>>

Мар 14

Продуктите на „Евро Геймс Технолоджи“ ще дебютират за първи път в Италия на тазгодишното изложение Enada Spring в Римини на 15-17 март.>>

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Абонирай се за EGT Бюлетин

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Among EGT's primary goals is the high level of satisfaction of its customers from company's products and services.

Please, assist us in finding out how well we have achieved it. Thank you for your time and attention!

English | Spanish | Bulgarian

The survey has 9 questions.